Self Development

Amandine is an international coach and a Search Inside Yourself teacher.

She studies Mindfulness with Jon Kabat Zinn and Altruism & Compassion with Matthieu Ricard and spiritual teachers such as Marianne Williamson (Live a life of Miracles)Deepak Chopra (Seduction of the spirit)Eckhart Tolle (The power of now) Neale Donald Walsh (Follow the Agenda of your soul)Jean Houston (Awakening to your life’s purpose)Sean Corn (Off the Mat, into the world)Byron Katie (the work)Julia Cameron (The artist way)Tony Robbins (Unleash the Power within), Wayne Dyer (The power of manifesting), Emmanuel Jal (My life is Art) and A course in Miracles. Amandine teachs the Follow your bliss meditation on the Simple habit app.


Amandine discovered meditation with Arnaud Desjardins at Hauteville and Sogyal Rimpoche at Rigpa (France). She followed Tibetan meditation course in India with HH Dalai LamaHH Karmapa in Dharamsala, and with Mingyur Rimpoche in Bodhgaya (India). She has been trained on I am meditation with Amma in Kerala and went on the ten days Vipassana meditation retreat in Dharamsala and with S.N Goenka in Mumbay. She is a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha yoga teacher and she learned with Vijay Amar in India, with Cameron Alborzian in Afghanistan, and Vinyasa flow with Seane Corn in USA

She took the non-violence vows in Gandhi's sevagram ashram. And she is a Reiki Master and learned Qi Qong with Pragata and laughter yoga with Ambujam Laxmi The Art of Joy.